We are (really) not alone, or IWSG November

IWSG badgeI know this isn’t the traditional purpose of IWSG, but I want to share this.

Last week I went to my local writing group. It only took me three years, but then I had to get to that stage where the fear and self-loathing of chickening out was greater than the terror of actually walking into a pub (by myself) and saying ‘hello’.

So, I put on a full face of make up, chose my confidence boosting coat and went for it.


And when, one of my fellow writers gave feedback on a fellow member’s work (‘if you were writing in third person it would sound contrived, but in first person it really works’) I nearly wet myself with excitement.

They were a welcoming, talented bunch of people. And the best thing? At the Halloween meeting they all dress up 🙂

I really had nothing to be nervous about. If there are any of my fellow yellow bellies reading this, then learn from my mistake. Be brave and do it. Now. Especially with NANO freshly commenced.  Get on to your local forum and find a write in near you.

Anyone reading this for Insecure Writer’s Support Group (hosted by Alex. J Cavanaugh) needs to give themselves a hug (or a cookie if you prefer) because the majority of the writers I’ve met in real life and online are such a generous and we are such a courageous bunch of people.  It rocks to be one of you.

20 thoughts on “We are (really) not alone, or IWSG November

  1. Hi Deborah, Congrats on joining your local writers group. It’s just over a year now when I did that and I was utterly terrified but a year on I now go to 2 different groups and haven’t looked back. Just sharing your work and getting constructive feedback and support is invaluable.

  2. I think this is the perfect post for IWSG! It definitely deals with a writing insecurity and includes an encouraging story. Loved it! I’m also terrified of meeting “local” writers because I had a bad experience or two a long time ago. However, the groups I’m “near” these days are completely different people. I think I need to give them a chance. Thanks for the boost of inspiration!

  3. I stopped by earlier, but I don’t think my comment went through. I just wanted to say that I think this is a perfect post for IWSG and I’m glad you journeyed through that fear and met a great group!
    Happy Writing!

  4. You’re absolutely right! This is a great post. I learned to put my work out there because of the wonderful friends I’ve ‘met’ through the IWSG and other online forums. Eventually I’d like to find a writer group near me, but that might take some time. Welcome to the IWSG! Eva

  5. There were no local romance groups when I started writing, so another girl and I founded Music City Romance Writers (Nashville’s RWA chapter). It was SUCH a great feeling, having that group of people together to share our writing journey. For a long time, my duty was to welcome any new members who came to meetings and try to make them feel at home. It’s not easy…I found, though, that you have to keep going and after a few months, they become like family.


  6. Good for you! I’m yet to meet any writers in real life, but I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with my online friends. Most of us want to help each other out. I’m sure both your group and IWSG will be really helpful for you.

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