Kelpies vs. My Little Pony in Fan Girl Hell


After reading Firebrand (the first in Gillian Roth’s Renegade Angels series) I desperately wanted a kelpie. I tried to explain this to my boyfriend’s horse mad, eight-year-old niece and received one of her most cutting eyebrow raises.

I fought on. Flesh eating water horse trumps My Little Pony any day.  Doesn’t it?

Apparently not. No one can be scathing like an eight-year-old only child who is used to getting her own way.

I pouted and retreated from the field. I was a fan girl in hell because I had no one to share this awesome thing with.

And the kelpies are awesome.

This book made me feel how I did when I was young and I first stepped through the wardrobe with Lucy, or out of the nursery window with Wendy.

In fact the human teenagers who find themselves in the world of the Sithe do refer to themselves as lost boys (and girls, I hasten to add – for kick arse heroines and villainesses look no further).

In essence, bad boy fairy Seth and his elder, not quite so bad but still heroically flawed, brother, Conal, must save the Sithe and human worlds from a wicked queen who just wants to be loved (and buy shoes).

This book had the promise of adventure tickling down my spine. It’s not just about catching the kelpies. The characters have to offer the beast an exchange for giving up it’s freedom.   It’s a battle of wills and finding a place of trust. It’s the ultimate warrior test, and just because you win doesn’t mean that the kelpie won’t then try to eat your loved ones at a later date.

The kelpies reminded me that if you want adventures you can’t ever afford to stop taking risks, or to sit back and navel gaze.   Life is for living, and you only live it to the full if you go and confront those dark fears that sleep in the fish pond of your mind, and use them to make yourself stronger.

So, kelpies or My Little Pony? Cast your votes. Or if you’d prefer a griffin,  dragon or unicorn let me know.




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