Feeling Hungry? Insecure Writer’s Support Group February

IWSG badgeThere’s only been one moment in my life when I’ve actually cried tears of joy.

In 2010 I submitted the first three pages of my novel to a writing conference, and received a commendation. I didn’t even get placed, but oh my goodness, my name still went on the website. I got some lovely feedback from the judges, and I cried absolute spine wracking sobs of relief when I read it.

It was amazing, they liked it, they really liked it!

Note that was in 2010. You may wonder what the Hell I’ve been doing for the last six years? So do I. Daily.

Back then I had just split up with my husband, changed jobs, changed houses and I was determined to make the most of life. I was hungry for the changes I was going to make. Then I shoved my hands in my pockets and slouched off to gaze at my navel.

I was still writing, still planning, but the actual taking charge of my life and having the courage of my convictions bled away into the ether.

I forgot the hunger and slid back into an easier slip stream.

It’s hard to fake it for ever though, and now that the hunger is back it’s like a clawing beast in my gut. I need to keep hold of it, and feed it so that I don’t let my ambitions dwindle away again. It’s what is going to drive me to shoot for something better and help me bash my fear of failure into submission.

Staying hungry is going to help me get what I want, but I’m also worried that it’s going to lose me other things that I want too.  I sometimes feel like I’m working two jobs, and although my partner is supportive on the surface, I feel like sometimes when he gets home an hour after me he’s wondering why the washing up hasn’t been done.

How do your partners feel about your writing? Especially if you have a full time job too? Any tips on balancing everything would be much appreciated.

A big thank you to Alex J. Cavanaugh and the Writer’s Support Group (sign up here)



9 thoughts on “Feeling Hungry? Insecure Writer’s Support Group February

  1. Hi,
    My spouse feels okay with my writing the majority of the time, but even if he didn’t I would still write. There are plenty of days when he has to prepare his own dinner or whatever. It took some adjustment on his part, but he learned that I wasn’t going to put my writing on the back burner or let it slip downward on my own priority list.
    Good luck with your writing.

  2. My wife doesn’t mind as long as I don’t let it interfere with the things she thinks need doing. I’ll admit that it’s hard for me to write if I’m feeling guilty about a chore I should be doing. Glad the fire in your belly is back. That’s what all true writers have.

  3. My hubs isn’t too happy when I’m on the computer. And I can’t concentrate when he’s around, so writing is nil. Though I do blog hop when he’s home. I’m lucky because I get to write when he’s at work and when my grand baby is napping.

    Just by reading this post of yours, I can tell you’re a fabulous writer. Please write on!!!!!!

  4. Oh my God I ask myself the same question – how do I write AND work a full time job AND take care of the house AND still talk with my friends and family AND not go insane? It’s definitely not easy, I’ll say that.

    I am blessed to say my boyfriend is truly *truly* supportive of my writing dreams so I don’t get any “what are you doing with your life” nonsense from him. I think he’s holding out that I’m the next JK Rowling. Ha! So naive.

    **I want Stephanie Fari’s job

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