A Life in Pratchett #2: Make the tea, Magrat

I am one of nature’s Magrats.  Not so much the watery eyes and lack of bosom, but my  attitude that puts me at the bottom of a social hierarchy.

lords and ladies

One of the reasons that I love Lords and Ladies so much is Magrat putting on the suit of armour over her tattered wedding dress.  I loved it the first time I read it anyway. The second time I remember thinking, uncharitably, that Magrat only really defeats the fairy queen because Granny Weatherwax is waiting in the wings. Granny has been playing the long game and she knows the power of stories.

People respect and listen to Granny. They are also terrified of her. She does not make the tea. I think that’s because she respects herself.

That’s the key, I think. Self-respect.

I wanted to be Granny Weatherwax before it became cool to be a bad girl.  And haven’t witches always been the ultimate bad girl?

Of course, turning a Magrat into a Granny is no small order.  It involves a daily rewiring of my system, and I’m not there yet. Then again, what is the point of going hell bent after a goal that is easy to reach? Sometimes though, if customers at work are giving me a hard time my eyes go a bit unfocussed and glassy it’s because I’m thinking, ‘what would Granny do?’

I don’t always follow through, because I don’t yet have the nerve at work to invoke a kick ass virgin with cast iron pride and the power of a kingdom at her fingertips. At the very least though, my inner Magrat will put her battle armour on.

Then you’d better watch out. Especially if I’m holding a hot cup of tea.

That’s two of my favourite Discworld books. Does anyone want to add theirs? Or do you have books from a different author that have inspired you?

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