Insecure Writer’s Support Group – March

Welcome to this month’s IWSG hosted by the amazing Alex J. Cavanaugh.  Head here to check it out and sign up. IWSG badge

There were lots of things I could write about this month, but 2016 is sort of wearing me out already.  There have been a lot of funerals, and people getting sick.  My relationship with my boyfriend is in a pressure cooker as we try and sort out the things around us, and as a consequence are drifting further apart.

The bad news keeps coming.  I have great friends though, and talking to them always inspires me and helps me put my own life in perspective.

It’s all about choice so this month I’m choosing to look at what I do have.  Especially now that the Calais Jungle is being cleared. Check out the World Wide Tribe Facebook page for more on that.

It’s all about choice. I need to start thinking more about what it is I want to write and why.  I keep feeling the need for something  more. What it is I have to offer too.

Does anyone else feel like sometimes writing for themselves alone is not enough? does anyone volunteer their writing skills for a charity – and how did you get into that?



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