Another New Year – Insecure Writer’s Support Group, January

Another new year, and another new year’s resolution. This one is brought to you by Alex J. Cavanaugh over at Insecure Writer’s Support Group.

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My resolutions always seems to be a variation on me making more time to do things. Lots of thing because my ambition will not accept that time is a finite resource.

Or that it comes down to the fact that I treat time like it’s my bitch, and if I don’t respect it then why should it respect me?

I often indulge in the fantasy that if I could book a week off work I could put my head down and finish this season’s big project (this time round it’s revisions to the novel I wrote as part of a six month course last year).

When I do have a whole week off though (Yay!!) 7 days, 168 hours, I know I have time to sort out the kitchen cupboard, meet my mum for tea and finally finish series 1 of Outlander.

And I know I’m procrastinating, but it’s OK because it’s only been two days and I still have 120 hours left.

Today, I was planning this week off work and wondered what would happen if I didn’t have those 7 days in one go?

I probably wont revise a whole novel, but I do think that I’ll get loads more done because I wont have the temptation to procrastinate so much and I’ll be under more pressure. Especially now I’ve mentioned it here.

8th, 15th, 23rd and 28th or 29th of January

3rd Feb, 10th or 11th of Feb and 17th February.

They are noted in my calendar in black biro. 7 days, with lost of days in between for blog posts, social media and smaller projects.  Only 43 hours though because I am corralling my ambition and only working six hour days.

Can’t wait to get started.

What are your tips for managing time, and how do you balance the big projects with everything else?

Seriously, help me out here.





4 thoughts on “Another New Year – Insecure Writer’s Support Group, January

  1. Two things have really helped me. I took a one day seminar on how to write more and they noted that research on this is clear (even though many don’t believe it).. Its habit. Whether you write every day for 20 minutes or three days a week for an hour or whatever, you can train yourself to write. Key is to set the habit, whatever you can fit into your life, and stick to it. I write for half an hour every morning before the day starts.

    The second thing is Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. credit that book with actually getting me started on regular writing. Before I was an on again, off again writer. The book got me focused. Good luck.

    1. Thank you! I try to get in to the habit of writing at the same time every day, but am always getting hijacked. I do write once a day now but it’s literally when I can grab the time. Heard lots about the Artist’S Way too. I will put it on my wish list.

  2. Hi, Deborah! I’m visiting as a fellow IWSG member, but making the rounds a day late. I wish I could help you out with time management, but it’s one of my biggest challenges. Pressure I can’t wiggle out from under has always worked for me ~ good luck with your plan. Happy writing in 2017!

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