My son is five months old

It feels like forever and yet no time at all. Finally though I have come up for air, or been brave enough to put my head above the parapet to see what wreckage of my former life is still standing.

“Don’t make any plans for the first six months,” a work colleague(mother of two girls) said.

I nodded. Didn’t believe her. All babies do is sleep, right?

Sort of true. He sleeps on me mostly. His cot is an offence to his delicate baby sensibilities.

“Mwhaha. You will never be early for anything again,” My brother (father of a boy and a girl) texts me when I tell him I will be ten minutes late. No, make that twenty.

And I thought I had no time to write before baby was born.

It’s a whole new world. Honestly, nothing prepared me for the complete mind bending wonder, and emotional and mental fuckery of it.  He is amazing and exhausting. Constantly.

And I’ve made it through. Am still making it through and rebuilding. Or reinventing rather because now nothing is ever static. I am reinventing my life because it just got more beautiful.


A turn up for the Books – Insecure Writer’s Support Group April

Welcome to April’s IWSG hosted by ninja captain Alex. J. Cavanaugh.

Insecure Writers Support Group Badge

I was feeling pretty disheartened in March. To make up for that, and to show just how quickly things can change, I’m going to focus successes this month. Ironically they were successes I was aware of last month, but had allowed myself to let the bad stuff overtake me.

Despite some of my best efforts it is always so easy to do that. This month though, I have taken some action and am more able to accentuate the positive.

TFATF2 front cover with outline scaled

19th of March saw the publication of my short story in The Forgotten and the Fantastical 2 from Mother’s Milk Books. If you are a fairy tale fan I’d really recommend you have a look. I met some brilliant and inspirational writer’s at the book launch and want to give a shout out to Rebecca Ann Smith, Ronnie Randall, Teika Bellamy (who edited and drew the cover), and  Emma Howitt for her gorgeous illustrations inside the book.

The 4th of April also saw the second month of Sixth Month Novel, the novel coaching coarse that I was accepted on at the beginning of the year.

It does pretty much what it says on the tin. After four weeks of plotting this week I finally get to start writing.   I have four months to write a first draft, and as a NANO veteran, I’m hoping that will be, if not a cake walk, then at least very doable.

Hoping everyone else has some good news this month. Looking forward to catching up with you all.